mission accomplished

I was so thrilled last week to have finished the first portrait painting that I've done in the last 17 years (besides some sets and mural painting)! Yep, she's done... and I completed her right before my birthday, as I'd hoped to (happy b-day to me!). First mission accomplished, and I've already got so much new stuff churning up inside me; ideas waiting to be explored, designs to discover, work I'm eager to meet on paper and canvas. Here's my folksy Guinevere (who's many imperfections are already glaring at me)...
The Lady Guinevere
"The Lady Guinevere"
Acrylics and collaged papers on 20x24" stretched canvas.
I've especially enjoyed the collaging aspect of this piece, which has been something new to me. I'm looking forward to experimenting more with collage; fascinated by all of the interesting textures and design elements from the papers that show through once layers of paint have been removed. These methods seem to really organically facilitate my creative process and I like the *building* effect it gives; layer upon layer. IMG_0209
I took some macro pics to show up close some of the details, which you can click here to view on flickr. I do wish that I had taken more pictures of  her at different stages during the creative process (like the underpainting in paynes gray & titanium white), but was so into the working at that point that I didn't even think to stop. Also, it was night-time and I was working by lamp-light with not the greatest lighting for taking pics at that point anyways, so it's probably just as well. I did get one though, here:

WIP: "The Lady Guinevere" by Beth

I do plan to take more pics during the creating process on the next one though (which I've already started)!
Here's the illustration that inspired my painting, from a book we have here at home, which you can see online here. Obviously I made quite a few changes, and would have included more (like the jousting knights in the background) had I'd started with a larger canvas, but I'm fairly pleased with her as the first piece I've done in a long time. Honestly, it just feels so good to be engaged and working creatively with my hands in this manner again. I'm very excited about adding papers to my pallet too.


profile sketch

Just wanted to mention that I've published an article over on my *homeschool and family life* blog about how much my oldest two kids and I have been enjoying Gritty Jane's workshop, as well as a particular book: art appreciation, lessons and a bit of a book review. 

It's been so fulfilling to be FINALLY accomplishing a long-time goal of mine- besides just drawing again- to be drawing my childrens' portraits, and now painting again- as exciting, long awaited first steps towards seriously diving back into making art again! The process alone is so rewarding and cathartic, on so many levels, and sharing it with my kids has been such a blessing.
I've finally started the first portrait painting that I've done in a looooooooooooong time, like try 17 years or so? I've really enjoyed adding the collaging/texture aspect to this painting; so excited to see how it turns out. But just as I was getting started, I've had to stop for awhile and am putting my art supplies aside for the next couple of months as I'm spending my free time packing for our upcoming move to MO (yay!), which will be in the next month, followed by a long road-trip deep, down south to visit family. 

After we get somewhat settled on the other side, I'll be loading up the chillins' and heading down to visit our family in Biloxi, MS and then over to central FL to visit our family there as well... so it will most likely be at least a couple of months before I'm able to get back to my painting(s)... However, I'm looking forward to seeing what more I can create once we get settled in our new *home*. I'll be carrying my sketchbook along though, with my camera- of course.

And meanwhile, I hope to somehow find some snippets of time to write more during these adventurous next couple of months.

Thank you to all of my new *followers* for *liking* my venture here! Your interest is very encouraging, and I just hope that my artistic endeavors might somehow inspire and brighten your own world(s).


beginning again...

So, yeah... up until the last couple of months, it had been quite awhile since I'd drawn much... or painted, sculpted, etc.; all of which I love(d) to do, and once-upon-a-time in a previous life, did quite a bit of. However, lately I have been inspired on quite a few levels by my talented children, personal circumstances, and an insatiable desire to get back to it (yes, I dream of painting), with the final catalyst having been this great art class/workshop I'm now going through with my kiddos. Somehow, having the step-by-step structure of it has helped me to put all inhibitions aside and just. begin. again.
warming up...

Where better to start than with contour drawings... 
Lines, my favorite!
After a long hiatus of many years away... 
it feels good to be creating this way again.

To see more of my work from this workshop so far, along with some from my kids (and even some contour drawings by Chris), click here.

artistic aspirations=soul breathing

Welcome to my new *art blog*! After years of inspired dreaming, traveling, sifting and shifting, I am finally picking up my pencils, charcoal, and brushes again... it is time.
I have always loved words... and art in general. This blog here will be a compilation of both; a place to share my creative endeavors as I'm beginning again at creating art! I hope that you'll join me and enjoy these artistic aspirations of mine... what feels to me very much like soul breathing.
aspiration [ˌæspɪˈreɪʃən]
1. strong desire to achieve something, such as success
2. the aim of such desire
3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology)
a.  the act of breathing
b.  a breath
4. (Linguistics / Phonetics & Phonology) Phonetics
a.  the pronunciation of a stop with an audible and forceful release of breath
b.  the friction of the released breath
c.  an aspirated consonant
5. (Medicine) removal of air or fluid from a body cavity by suction
6. (Medicine) Med
a.  the sucking of fluid or foreign matter into the air passages of the body
b.  the removal of air or fluid from the body by suction
aspiratory  [əˈspaɪrətərɪ -trɪ ˈæspɪrətərɪ -trɪ] adj