beginning again...

So, yeah... up until the last couple of months, it had been quite awhile since I'd drawn much... or painted, sculpted, etc.; all of which I love(d) to do, and once-upon-a-time in a previous life, did quite a bit of. However, lately I have been inspired on quite a few levels by my talented children, personal circumstances, and an insatiable desire to get back to it (yes, I dream of painting), with the final catalyst having been this great art class/workshop I'm now going through with my kiddos. Somehow, having the step-by-step structure of it has helped me to put all inhibitions aside and just. begin. again.
warming up...

Where better to start than with contour drawings... 
Lines, my favorite!
After a long hiatus of many years away... 
it feels good to be creating this way again.

To see more of my work from this workshop so far, along with some from my kids (and even some contour drawings by Chris), click here.


  1. Wow Beth, that last picture especially, is really good! Did you do all of these? It looks like you've been having fun. It's nice that you're sharing them in a blog:) I look forward to seeing more!
    Jerelene :)

  2. Thanks Jeri! Yes, I did them all, and YES< I'm having fun with it. :-)

  3. WOW, that's awesome Beth!!!! Just one more reason I wish you were next door.

  4. Haha, thanks Heather, and you know that I would love that too, for SO many reasons, right?! lol <3

  5. love blind contour drawing!!thank you for reminding me I need to do more of this!! can't wait to see more of your work :)

  6. Hi Kristen, Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Yes, I used to spend a lot of time doing blind contour drawings, back YEARS ago, when I painted a lot too... GREAT exercise in seeing, and the perfect place for me to begin to get back in the game. :-)